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Everything you need to successfully protest and lower your property taxes...
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Everything you need to successfully protest and lower your property taxes...

Property Tax Email Report (free)

Monthly Property Tax Email Report for your County.

Property Tax Protest Report ($25)

Keep track of your entire project's history

Property Tax Protest Binder ($50)

Customize your settings to fit your workflow

Done-for-You Online Property Tax Protest ($75)

Only your team can see what you're working on

Real-time alerts

Receive updates to big changes instantly

Fight Club Membership ($15/Month)

Helpful reports keep things visible for your team

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Access your Property Tax News Report for your County

The first step is to start receiving your Property Tax News Report for the County your home is in. You'll be able to keep track of local home values, changes in property tax laws, tips and tricks to help you prepare for successful protesting, VIP information, and access to Q&A sessions.      *Sent once-per-month via Email*


Josh Hayles

"I'm giving Homeowners the tools they need to successfully protest their property taxes."


"90% of the Homeowners I've helped are paying too much in property taxes."



Josh Hayles began his full-time career as a Realtor in 2007. Through the years of helping hundreds of clients with their property taxes, and building a successful real estate business, he's realized how most homeowners are at a sever disadvantage with protesting their property taxes...

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